Friday, 4 November 2016

[ 10 everyday things that deserve a high five ]

The whole 'celebrating the wins' thing came up again recently, and I was thinking about this in terms of your professional as well as personal life.

In my old office, we had to actually force ourselves to think of things, then spend an excruciating 15 minutes going round the table, awkwardly describing why we should all give ourselves a pat on the back that week. Which says more about the state of that office than anything else really...

Topics ranged from completing a report you'd been agonising over (er, yay? you should be happy you are doing your job?), to receiving an email from a supplier you had been waiting on (ahhh, yay again? you can be happy someone else is also doing their job?). 

Kill me. Kill me now.

My current office is pretty excellent; praise is bestowed where praise is due, promptly and with enthusiasm. And that made me think of all the things we do every day (at work or otherwise), that probably don't get enough attention, but definitely deserve a big high five, even if you only do it mentally. Enjoy!

1.  You beat the boss into work. He gets usually gets in at what seems like the crack of dawn, and you still beat him in. Sit smugly at your desk and read the paper for 10 minutes. Well done! 

2. Tempted to drink coffee from a bucket and eat a pastry of comparable size? 
Didn't; got a veggie juice and a fruit salad. Make boo-ya! face and fist pump the air like a champ. 
(The pie and chips at lunch doesn't count)

3. Did not call creepy Kurt from IT a dickhead under your breath when he asked you if you'd tried rebooting your PC. For the 5th time. 
In fact, you smiled pleasantly and thanked him for his help. He seemed surprised and replied warmly. Extra points if you didn't make gagging noises after he walked away. 

4. You refrained from texting your ex. Even though you got your periods that morning, and that song he sang you seems to be playing bloody everywhere.  
Double high-five if you also refrained from social media stalking. 
5. The catering company you chose for todays' meeting outdid your expectations, turned up early, the boss had decided you have magic powers and keeps eating the mini pastries. Smile humbly, nod gently, mental self-five.  

6. You wore matching and tasteful clothes outside of the house today. You haven't spilled anything, dripped liquid paper, or otherwise soiled them - and it's after midday. High-five yourself to an early lunch, you legend. 
7. James, your super-dodgy mate, asks you to drinks in the city. Knowing this will be an utter disaster, you feign a prior commitment, therefore saving yourself $200, an epic hangover, and some deep and meaningful regret. Smashing it like the grown-up you are, boom!

8. Find out Netflix has updated the shows list *and* your favourite movie is on TV tonight. Order a pizza, pour a yourself a drink, cheers yourself from the lounge. 

9. Go to bed at a decent hour. Therefore giving yourself a good rest after a long week, rather than getting ratassed on a Friday and getting home at 3am, like usual. Adulting like a boss. 

10. Wake up Saturday morning well before 9am, sans hangover, fresh faced and full of beans. Go for a run, do all your washing, clean the house. Discover it's not even lunchtime and you can make brunch with the crew. You are on fire, my friend, treat yourself to waffles and repeat tomorrow.


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