Sunday, 2 October 2016

[ the lone fox howl to her warrior tribe ]

To my warrior family, my crew, my tribe,

There's not usually occasion for me to speak to all of you at once. So many of you are not just from different backgrounds, but varying ages and stages in life, doing different jobs or following different callings. Some of you I see every day, every week, converse with all the time. Some of you are far away from me, and I only see you in the flesh perhaps a few times a year.  Sometimes less.

Some of us are related by blood. Quite a few are not. A little more by marriages, alliances or partnerships. And many more by nothing so tangible as our bond, that displays itself best when we are in proximity.

You all know who you are; my kindred spirits, my spiritual peers, my scattered tribe. Know that you are all part of my clan. And I wanted to tell you something, a few things in fact, some things that have been on my mind, and have been stirring again on the wind, as they do.

We are all connected for a reason. I need not go all metaphysical on you and explain any divine plan, or special twist of fate. We all had a variety of paths to choose, and I am so thankful that you chose the one that ran through mine.

Recently I see the struggles you go through and I wish there was something more I could do, apart from playing the supportive pillar. I feel you do so much for me when I need it, I wish there was a corporeal way to show my gratitude.

Sometimes I wish we could fight like our ancestors did; physical duels of strength and endurance that proved one way or the other whom was the greatest warrior. I do know that this is not how things are, that some enemies cannot be fought on the physical plain, and I do know that even if this were possible, it wouldn't really prove anything today.

Because today our greatest battles are not made of physical challenges, but tests of our mind, tests of our patience, tests of our tolerance. And tests of our faith.

I see you fight horrible bosses to stay in jobs that are merely gateways to better things - so you can get to that better thing. I see you fight partners who let you down, time and again, who tell you what you want to hear so that they can get what they want, if even for one more day. I see you fight depression, anxiety, disillusionment and fear. I see you fight eating disorders and weight loss or gain, I see you fight age, disability, and heartbreak.

I See You.

And I hear your call. I hear it in in the mornings, on the still air. I hear it through traffic, tourists, and children screaming to each other. I hear it at twilight, when the white noise levels change from the day setting to night.

I hear it in my sleep, like a heartbeat. Or drums.

And I tell you this, my tribe. We are independent for a reason. We are strong for a reason. We are warriors for a reason.

Sometimes that reason is obvious and straight forward. There may be tasks that only someone like us are suited to. There are ways of thinking, paths to solutions, things only we can see.

And sometimes, frequently when the storm is coming in to thrash us, we are the way we are to be leaders. We are the ones showing the way, we are the shining light that never dims, we are the blade that cuts through the bonds that bind.

We are tenacious like no one else, we are unyielding like nothing else, we are the ballast that keeps everything steady.

We make the decisions that need to be made, the hard ones, the breaking ones. The ones that shake the ground beneath our feet. This isn't generally a companionable path, in the extreme moments. And no one wants to stand next to a powder keg when it goes off, as it were. 

However, we know that there is always someone else making the same decision. There's always another warrior stepping up to fight the good fight. Someone else in the intangible clan with us.

And that's what makes you my tribe, my heroines and heroes.

Not one of you asked for the hand you got dealt, but by gods, you play it for all its' worth. Good, bad, or indifferent, none of you have stepped off or given up. None of you have chosen the easy route when times got tough. And no one would shame you if you had.

Still, this is why you are the champions, my inspiration. This is why I am filled with fire every day.

And this is why, when I find myself in dark and alone with thoughts, be they merry or cheerless, I howl.

Heavens help those who stand in our way, for if they cannot help us, they will be left by the wayside. If they cannot work with us, they will be considered working against us, and left to their own devices.

And if they cannot love us, by the gods, they will fear us. Because we will succeed in this life, we will make dreams come true. Ours and theirs, if they are lucky.

I howl for you, my tribe. I howl for you.


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