Thursday, 6 February 2014


Hi, I'm Laura. I like to talk a lot. Have you got any tea? ....

I spent a lot of years writing about writing. Most writers do, or so I hear. And then I got older, and surprisingly wiser ( I was surprised, even if no one else was), and found that I wanted to write things that people wanted to read. 

It seemed such a simple equation in my head. But I was always rubbish at maths and so it shouldn't have come as a shock that I wanted to be an author. I sometimes think I waited too long, and that all my good stories had been told when I was younger. So the second surprise came when I realised that the best stories get written when you're old enough to make them sound good...

Here is a repository of all my good stories. At some point I decided I wanted to impart a little wisdom on the world and hopefully receive some in return, so some of them are rants and some of them are laments about the state of things. Most of them are genuine, passionate examinations of life and how to get through it, whether it be by the skin of your teeth or cruising at leisure.

I hope you enjoy them. I always enjoy telling them.

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